About Us

You know that rush you get when you shop for a new piece of jewelry?
That feeling of “I deserve this. I’ve worked for this. And I want to love this.” You enter the posh store with a tinkle and a heady rush of anticipation. You breathe in the glass, the glisten, the glitter.
You spy a few dream pieces in the showcase.
Try them on.
Love them.
And then.
You glance at the prices.

We are a group of women who’ve been there – And wanted to create a posh jewelry store experience for those who want to sparkle, minus the sticker shock.

Our unique jewelry collection is exactly what a woman desires – Classy, chic, curated-for-everyone. And the best part? You can buy yourself new jewelry on a regular basis – Plus thrill everyone on your gift list – And still have cash left over for the important stuff.

Costume jewelry is everywhere. So what sets us apart?

We know jewelry.
And we welcome you to our Sparkles Family.
We can't wait to show you what a Sparkles Day looks Llke.

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