Brands We Carry


Named for Danish sailor Vitus Bering, the Bering brand stands for the timeless beauty and eternity of the Arctic he set out to explore. Blending simple Danish design with strong, high-quality materials, Bering watches are characterized by clear, streamlined forms and pure elegance.

Bering had a vision of effortless beauty that makes the wearer feel at once upscale and minimalist.

And so the Bering is successfully made up of the perfect combination of extraordinarily hard materials and an extremely slim design.


A trendsetter in the watchmaking industry, Joseph Bulova set out in 1875 to transform the way the world perceived time.

And indeed he did.

Presenting one design trend after the next, and opening his flagship store in downtown NYC, Bulova succeeded in his lifelong mission to craft supreme quality timepieces for an ever-changing fashion landscape.

In today’s climate of new-and-improved, Bulova remains an icon of unswerving dedication to superior quality and understated innovation.


For a full century, Citizen’s motto, “Better starts now” has spurred them to create better timepieces whose classic designs and unchanging quality in turn spur the wearer to live better.

World renown is hard-earned and harder kept in a jewelry industry of fast-evolving trends - but Citizen has retained top status for their strong, sturdy, and pretty watches.

Wearable, liveable, and so reliable, this is truly the watch for every citizen - from the high-end connoisseur to the everyday wearer. 



Since their launch in 1993, Kate Spade has stood for optimistic femininity.

A favorite among millenials, they are today a global life and style house filled with accessories and jewelry to thrill the young shopper.

Their watches show their value for thoughtful detail, and their quest to incorporate polished ease with modern style.


Described by fans as wholesome, well-made, and attractive, they’ve earned their household-name status over decades of dedication to craftsmanship and class.

Anne Klein watches are well designed, elegant and gorgeous in spite of their reasonable cost. Customers are consistently impressed by the function and reliability, as well as their compliment-garnering good looks.


Daniel Klein, a global brand that first launched way back in 1973, has become a popular brand name around the world.

The brand offers a large range of high fashion watches at affordable prices. Now you can get a high quality, on trend watch to rank up your style. Whether you prefer a watch that’s bold, colourful and edgy, or rather one that is more conservative in its styling, Daniel Klein offers it all.


South African wit and charm grace each piece of this signature collection.

Within a few years of its debut, Marcia’s jewelry grew into a trusted brand in the luxury costume space in the US.

Today, select boutiques carry Marcia Moran jewelry, and consider it a treasure in their showcases.

Marcia's semi-precious stone and precious plated jewelry continue to stand out for its balance of timeless elegance and playful fashion. Rooted in precious Brazilian resources and California lifestyle, this jewelry line is sure to astonish.


Freida Rothman elevates Brooklyn grit into wearable glamour. 

This brand’s signature mixed metal look combines feminine embellishments with edgy designs for a  wow effect.

Freida takes pride in her craftsmanship and has become known as an industry leader in jewelry and accessories. Her wearers appreciate the effortless elegance and contemporary style for your everyday fashion jewelry quest.


Opulent, contemporary, and chic, Delhi-based jewellery brand, Atelier Mon, is an ode to classic beauty and modernity.

Launched in 2012, what sets this chic jewellery brand apart is its effortless ability to infuse easy wearability into unique, statement designs. A fascinating juxtaposition of western inspiration and eastern elements, makes the label a perfect fit for the contemporary woman of today.


Known for stunning beadery and graceful ribbon lines, Deborah Grivas Designs combines the unexpected with the classic statement of colorful stones.

Since the debut of her first namesake collection in 1995, Deborah’s reputation for eye catching, contemporary adornments has earned her a place in the heart of contemporary jewelry lovers.

She is well known for unique hand-­knotted leather necklaces ornamented with clusters of stones and pearls in innovative medleys of color.