Mia Jewelry Holder in Taupe

Mia Jewelry Holder in Taupe

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This Mia Jewelry Holder is designed to be a stylish accompaniment to your jewelry pieces. It has a soft PU pebble finish and an opulent velvet-feel interior. Keep it at home or take it travelling, it allows you to organize your jewelry in one place. It’s also a super gift that looks great above your sink or on your dressing table. It fits 5-7 rings and has 4 loops to ensure your necklaces don’t become tangled. There’s a special strap for your earrings and studs, and you can easily layer your bracelets on top too!

100% vegan leather

Handmade using quality materials

Soft pebble finish

Velvet-feel interior Fits 5-7 rings, 4 necklaces, and bracelets

Strap for 3 earring pairs or any miscellaneous jewelry